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A Dawson Building Surveys Ltd

Barrule Cottage

Higher Foxdale


Tel: 07940017062
Email: adbuildingsurveysltd@hotmail.com

Faceboook: https://www.facebook.com/ADawsonBuildingSurveysLtd/?eid=ARB2rispisAVk70ubD73BKuIvVkcn2YHFvPZ1aKlGgRL27AMBenLLWslJDd7FxFHGftyO4osBJG4VURw

All our dwelling inspections are meticulous and thorough, regardless of the level of the report. By adopting this approach you can be sure we have taken all reasonable care possible in identifying problems or potential issues with one of the highest value purchasers you will make. Buying a home can have life-changing consequences if you get it wrong.  Only the amount of information and detail in the report changes depending on the level of report you require. For example:

The Level 1 RICS Condition Report will pick up the defects and note them in the report but does not go into any detail as to why they are there or what to do. Neither does it provide an overall opinion. However, it is a good starting point and can save you money should you decide to pull out. Or if you require more detail you can then top-up to receive Level 2 or 3 information for just the difference in price.

The Level 2 RICS Homebuyer Report also provides the why but not what to do. However, it does provide an overall opinion but you have the option to top up and access the level 3 information if required.

The Level 3 RICS Building Survey additionally provides detailed guidance on solutions, access to all the pictures taken (around 500 on every home inspected) including aerial photos of the roof, and thermal imaging pictures of the property taken to detect damp and heat loss. The pre-visit research into the property (undertaken on all) is also provided, this can give you advanced warning of issues such as the level of cancer-causing Radon gas in the area or if the building is next to a historic landfill refuse site. Such matters might cause you to pull out before instructing a solicitor, again saving you money.




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