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Changes to Pricing Structure

After careful thought we have decided to move away from our flat rate pricing. With average fees for Building Surveys now some 35% above HomeBuyer reports we now feel it appropriate to differentiate our fees accordingly.

Consequently from 1st December 2018 the cost per lead will change to £3.60 for a Building Survey, with all other leads (HomeBuyer, Valuation, Commercial and the various 'General Practice' options) charged at the only very slightly increased rate of £3.15.

Your first payment at the new rate will be in the middle of January. With the average number of leads returned per search less than 3.5, resulting in good conversion rates, we believe we still provide excellent value for money compared to our competitors.

Christmas Cards 2018

 Rather than send out Christmas cards as we have in previous years, we intend to donate the same amount direct to charity.

We currently support Cancer Research UK, Epilepsy Action, and the Royal British Legion, and are open to any further suggestions - if you have a charity you'd like us to consider for a donation, please email us with your suggestion.

Average Fees in 2018 and Changes to Default Fee Matrix

We are asked quite often about the typical fee rates surveyors are offering through our site. Each year we analyse these to check that our default fees are in line with the average fees being offered.

This year we have decided to share these with you, and below is the breakdown of the average fee delivered through our site over the course of 2018. Noticeable this year is an increase in the average fee at the ends of the scale. Although the 2-3 Bed £200-400K fee ranges are very similar to 2017, fees for smaller or cheaper properties, and larger more expensive properties, have increased, in some cases quite significantly.

Obviously there will be regional variations in fee rates, but these might help you when setting or reviewing your own fees.

Our default pricing has just been updated to reflect these, to ensure that new users have a realistic guide as to the starting point when setting their own fees when joining the site.

Price Change from 1st February 2018

Over the last year we have continued to grow our share in the marketplace.

However this has not been without an increase in costs, and following a full review we will be increasing our price per lead to £2.95 plus VAT from 1st February 2018. This will affect all leads generated after 1st February and will be reflected in our invoice dated 28th February.

This remains well below the cost-per-lead of other providers, and with the maximum number of leads per search remaining capped at just 5 to maximise your conversions, we believe our service continues to offer excellent value for money in the marketplace, and we look forward to delivering an increasing volume of high quality leads for you.

The Brexit Effect

Over the last few weeks we have received numerous queries about how things have been affected since the EU referendum result.

Now, nearly two months afterward, we think it a good idea to share some data about what we've seen.

Price Change from 1st June 2016

It has been nearly 18 months since we last made any changes to our lead pricing.

Since that time there have been a number of changes and cost increases in the market, and following a full review, we will be increasing our price per lead to £2.45 plus VAT. This will affect all leads generated after 1st June and reflected in our invoice dated 30th June. 

With the maximum number of leads per search remaining capped at just 5, we believe our service continues to offer excellent value for money in the marketplace, and we look forward to delivering an increasing volume of high quality leads for you.


New look for the Local Building Surveyor site

If you haven't already noticed it, the Local Building Surveyor website has had a bit of a facelift. This is in keeping with new branding and livery.

Our original site launched in 2011 with a facelift early in 2014. The new styling is more of a transformation with a new responsive (mobile friendly) design, and a new modern layout and colour scheme more in keeping with some of our other web properties.

As well as the new look, the site has some technical changes behind the scenes, mostly aimed at improving conversion rates and reducing poor quality leads. 

Default price matrix updated

As of 5th May, our default price matrix for HomeBuyer, Building, and Valuation surveys has been updated with new prices.

The new prices reflect an adjustment to keep the defaults in line with the average survey prices being offered on the site. In general the changes involved an increase of £20-£30 to prices above £300K, and above 2 beds for properties <£300K. No prices were reduced.

This does NOT affect any prices currently being offered by you, only the default prices for new surveyors joining the service, or surveyors adding these services to their aaccounts.

If you have been using our default prices as the basis for your pricing and wish to realign your prices with the new defaults, this is very easy to do. Simply:

  1. go to the Services & Pricing page in your account administration,
  2. click on the Change Pricing link for the survey type you wish to update
  3. click on the Continue button on the "Reload default pricing" section to open the dropdown panel
  4. click on the Load Prices button and confirm.

This will replace your existing prices with the new default prices for the selected service and office.

Local Building Surveyors v2 Launched

After several months of development and testing, we are pleased to announce the launch of LBS v2.

Most of the changes are hidden in the infrastructure of the site, and we have quite deliberately not made major changes to the appearance or apparent functionality of the site, as over the last year we've spent a fair bit of time quietly refining the user interface, and that's been paying off in terms of an ever increasing throughput of users and leads generated.

Surveyor Directory

One of the main benefits to you is the addition of a new surveyors directory, intended to help raise the profile of our surveyors. And no doubt you'll be pleased to hear that this is at no extra cost to you! All of our surveyors with active Lead Generation accounts are entitled to a free directory listing (equivalent to a Silver subscription), and this gets you a full profile page, with logo, and use of the ratings and reviews system.

You can add a listing for each of your offices, and your subscription can be upgraded to a Gold subscription which entitles you to additional links to your website and social media pages for an extra £100 per year.

The directory has been pre-populated with your basic company contact details, but we suggest that you jump in and add your full profiles and logos as soon as you can to get the most benefit.

To access the directory and expand your listing, simply login to the administration of you account in the normal way, and follow the Directory links from the main admin page. Navigate to your listing, and click on the "Edit" button to add any further information you wish.

Administration System Changes

You will also notice some general tidying up of the administration pages, notably the main admin page, to incorporate the directory and improve usability by grouping the main adminstration tools.

We have tested the new system pretty rigorously, but if you come across any problems or glitches, please let us know!

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Such a helpful website, pointed me to NTB Property Ltd. who was a local and fantastic surveyor for an excellent price! Highly recommend finding a local and competitively priced surveyor using "Local Building Surveyors".

Posted 1 day ago


very good service ....replied in a few hours ...

Posted 2 days ago


Made the process of finding a thorough, quality surveyor really easy. The process of instructing was really quick and easy to follow, and the price was very reasonable.

Posted 6 days ago


We had several direct responses to our enquiry. All very friendly, non-pressured and informative and we finally decided on one surveyor to proceed with.

Posted 1 week ago


Delighted with the service I got. IT was all last minute but the Surveyor was excellent...I was really well pleased with how he carried out the survey...a job well done..

Posted 1 week ago


Worked well for us. Filled in the required info, the site recommended two surveyors, our choice is due to carry out the survey in the next few days. Great service, many thanks.

Posted 1 week ago


Very prompt response to send my request to 3 surveyors and good service to give me list of all firms I could contact meeting my situation.

Posted 1 week ago


I used this website as I had absolutely no idea about to contact a property Surveyor for a house I was trying to buy. I received three instant referrals, the first one of which offered a reasonable price and could undertake the survey promptly. The other two referral's;s both followed up with me to see if I had found someone, so overall, very satisfied with this website.

Posted 2 weeks ago


Excellent service.

Posted 2 weeks ago


Recommendations received immediately.

Posted 2 weeks ago


All the surveyors sites responded in good time with etimates and i spoke to one which was also helpful. I would recommend your site

Posted 2 weeks ago


What a great little website. None of the local surveyors could do a visit this side of end of October. I managed to get one within a week. Admittedly you pay a bit more but it seems to be worth it. Thanks

Posted 2 weeks ago


Good response

Posted 2 weeks ago


Really helpful website. Easy to use and found what I wanted

Posted 3 weeks ago


I don’t write reviews- but I was very impressed with this site I managed to find a local surveyor that I could actually talk to and arrange a quick survey . As previously with national chains , no contact no flexibility and double the price for less service I don’t think the surveyors are making the money - more like the agency

Posted 4 weeks ago


The website is so easy to navigate and I found what I was looking for in no time at all.

Posted 1 month ago


Instant response and enabled us to find a local surveyor easily when we live over 100 miles away.

Posted 1 month ago


A very efficient service both to organise the structural survey through to receiving the surveyors report. The report is informative and very helpful especially with regards to understanding specific issues of a 100 year old house that requires renovation and ongoing TLC! I would recommend this service and the surveyor we used.

Posted 1 month ago


The rapid and full response I neded.

Posted 1 month ago


Excellent, Can’t recomnend enough

Posted 1 month ago


Easy to use and it took me to a couple of good companies who responded quickly and efficiently.

Posted 1 month ago

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