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Terms and Quality Policy

Quality Policy

We have a quite simple quality policy: we do not expect you to pay for poor quality or duplicate leads.

Duplicate leads

We have in place technical measures to prevent multiple clicks and try and restrict as much as possible duplicate leads, but we have to balance any automated measures we might put in place against the usability of the site, and the desire by some users to compare costs for different survey types.

Consequently we recognise that some duplicate referrals will be generated. We do not expect you to pay for duplicates, so please use our lead reporting procedure (see below) to request a credit.

Poor Quality Leads

For a lead to be valid it must have at least one valid method of contacting the user, either a valid email address or phone number. If none of the contact details are correct, or you feel it to be of inadequate quality for any other reason, please use the lead reporting procedure to request a credit.

Lead Reporting Procedure

The easiest way to request a credit for a poor quality lead is to use our automated process.

Each lead notification email has a 'Report Poor Quality' button at the bottom of the page. Clicking that link will take you to a credit request page. Select the reason for the request from the options, and submit the request.

The credit will automatically be applied to your account, pending verification by one of our team. 

For standard credit requests such as duplicates or leads without valid contact details, you don't need to provide any additional information. If the reason is something other than one of the preset options, please add a very brief reason for the request. If we need any more information than that, we'll ask!

If you prefer, you can simply follow our old procedure, and forward the poor lead email to us for crediting, or use the lead CSV export function to create a list. Whichever is the easiest method for you!

All credits applied to your account can be seen in the Leads Reporting section of your Control Panel.

Note: lead credits are not retrospective, and are applied to your account during the month in which they are reported. Consequently, any credit requests submitted for leads delivered in preceding months will be taken into account in the next invoice calculation.

Service Provider Terms and Conditions of Use

Preamble – Identity

Local Building Surveyors is a trading style of AZAB Ltd. AZAB Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales, Registered Number 7535576, Registered Address 57B Vale Road, London N4 1PP. VAT Registration Number GB 218 0657 15

The company trading address for all enquiries is Wildwood, Newgrounds, Godshill, Fordingbridge, Hampshire, SP6 2LJ, UK.

These terms and conditions describe the conditions of your use, as a Service Provider, of our services. As a Service Provider you agree to be bound by this agreement. If you are registering as a firm, you must have the authority to bind the firm to this agreement.

AZAB Ltd reserves the right to change and update its fees, terms and conditions, or guidelines at any time without notice.


"Service" means access to the Local Building Surveyors website and all the facilities and information contained in it, including any other partner or affiliate website where our search facility may appear.

"Service Provider" is any organisation, business, or individual person to which AZAB Ltd provides the Service as evidenced by information or details provided during the registration process on the Website.

"Prospective Client" or "User" is any individual or company that may use the website to look for services offered by Service Providers.

“Website” means the website Local Building Surveyors, localbuildingsurveyor.co.uk, and any other websites where the Local Building Surveyors search facility may deliver the Service.

“Service Providers Information” means the information about themselves, their services and their fees that Service Providers place on the Website.

"Lead" or "Referral" means the notification of a completed search on the website sent to a Service Provider and saved in the Local Building Surveyors database and available in the Service Providers account control panel.

"Quote" or "Estimate" is a non-binding indication of the likely fee for a service delivered to a User through the Website.

Website Use

Service Providers may only use the Website for the intended purpose of advertising and promoting their Services to Prospective Clients through the search and any other promotional facilities provided by AZAB Ltd.

Upon registering for an account to use the Service, Service Providers will be assigned or may choose a username and password. Service Providers must not disclose usernames or passwords to any 3rd party, and at all times remain responsible for any actions taken in relation to their account.

Service Providers can view and manage all aspects of their account through their account control panel on the Website, including their company profile, contact details, fee and disbursements rates used for estimates, postcode coverage, leads generated, and invoices.

Lead Generation Service

The Service is an advertising and lead generation service available only to surveyors and surveying firms accredited and regulated by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

Service Providers must be suitably qualified and/or registered with any trade bodies appropriate to any Services which they offer either through the Website or to users arising from the user's use of the website.

Service Providers should hold adequate professional indemnity and public liability insurance appropriate to the Services which they offer on the Website.

The Service Provider warrants that all Service Provider's Information provided for the delivery of the Service is correct, is not misleading, and does not misrepresent the Services provided by the Service Provider, and is inoffensive, legal and not defamatory about any other Service Provider, Prospective Client or any third party.

Service Providers are entirely responsible for the accuracy of their Service Providers Information, and AZAB Ltd accepts no responsibility for any inaccuracies in the information displayed.

The Website aims to enable Service Providers to advertise and promote their services to Prospective Clients performing a search on the Website.

Selected parts of Service Providers Information in the form of a price estimate for the services selected by the User will be displayed in search results on the website, and emailed to the User. If a User searches for an unpriced service, the service providers information without pricing will be shown in search results and sent to the Service Provider and the User.  

Users will receive estimates and details from up to five competing estimates by Service Providers.

Lead Delivery

Service Providers will be sent a Lead in the form of an email notification whenever chargeable estimates are displayed to Users on the website. The notification email shows details of the search information and the User's contact details. Service Providers will not receive the estimates or details of other Service Providers displayed.

Service Providers will not be sent a notification email for non-chargeable estimates.

Details of all Leads, both chargeable and non-chargeable, are shown in the Service Providers account control panel on the website.

AZAB Ltd accepts no responsibility for the non-delivery of any email to either Service Provider or Prospective Client for whatever reason. Service Providers are recommended to ensure that the domain localbuildingsurveyor.co.uk is added to their spam whitelists.


Where Leads are delivered to a Service Provider by API (Application Programming Interface) it is the responsibility of the Service Provider to ensure that Leads are received and correctly written to their database or CRM (Customer Relationship Management) application.

AZAB Ltd accepts no responsibility for the incorrect processing by a Service Provider of data transmitted through an API once the output data has been accepted as correct following initial testing and configuration. 

Email Lead notifications will continue to be sent even where the primary notification method is through an API for output auditing and as a fallback in the event of connection or authentication failures.

Validity of Leads/Referrals

A referral/lead is deemed valid if EITHER a) the telephone number, OR b) the email address is valid. Duplicate or invalid Leads will be credited upon request in accordance with the AZAB Ltd quality policy

Prospective Client Information

All estimates are non-binding on either the Service Provider or Prospective Client. AZAB Ltd accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of information provided by Prospective Clients. Before confirming an estimate or providing a service it is the responsibility of the Service Provider to ensure that the information provided by the Prospective Client is accurate.

Protection of Prospective Client Information and General Data Protection Regulations

Service Providers must be registered with the Information Commissioner as data controllers and comply with the relevant provisions of the Data Protection Act, the E-Commerce Directive and Distance Selling Regulations (as amended) in the storage, handling, and use of Prospective Client personal data. From 25th May 2018 all Service Providers must be fully compliant with and adhere to the provisions of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations).

When using the service, Users provide consent for the use of their personal data only for the express purpose of receiving estimates and details of potential Service Providers, and Service Providers shall not under any circumstances use User personal data for any other purpose.

Service Providers are expressly prohibited from using the personal data of Users for the promotion or marketing of any other products or services offered by the Service Provider than that specifically requested by the Potential Client without gaining the explicit consent of the User for their data to be used in this way.

Service Providers are prohibited from passing any personal information provided by a User to any third party unless explicit consent has been obtained from the Prospective Client.

Where a User requests modification or erasure of personal data held by AZAB Ltd, AZAB Ltd will request the same data modification or erasure by the Service Provider, and the Service Provider is required to comply with the request in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Requirements.

The Service Provider warrants that it will fully comply with all current data protection legislation relating to any User data provided by AZAB Ltd in relation to the service, and fully indemnifies AZAB Ltd against any unauthorised use, access, loss or misuse of User data by the Service Provider, its employees, agents, or other persons, however such loss or misuse might occur.


By registering for the Service, Service Providers agree to pay the current fees as notified upon registration or subsequently notified for each estimate provided to Prospective Clients resulting from searches on the Website.

AZAB Ltd reserves the right to change any fees at any time. Service Providers will be advised of any changes to fees not less than 14 days before any new fees enter into force.

AZAB Ltd reserves the right to impose a credit limit for any Service Provider.

Fees are paid by Direct Debit. Direct Debit payments are taken in arrears on or shortly after the 14th of the month for leads sent in the preceding month. In the event of a Direct Debit being unpaid, a request for payment will be re-presented not less than 7 days after the initial payment request. If payment is unable to be taken upon re-presentation, the outstanding amount  will be added to the following month's payment request.

In the event that any Fees are not paid at the due date, AZAB Ltd reserves the absolute right to suspend or terminate access to the Service without notice, and in the event that outstanding fees are not settled within thirty days of the due date, interest on the outstanding amount may be charged at the statutory rate from the due date.

If a Service Provider Direct Debit Mandate is cancelled or suspended the Lead Generation service will be suspended until the mandate is reactivated or a new mandate established and any outstanding Fees paid.

Payment Processing

Direct Debits are processed by our payment processing partner Eazipay Ltd. Your bank details and the contact details of the principle account administrator are sent to Eazipay Ltd, and stored by them in accordance with the BACS rules and the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) for the purposes of processing your payments. Data storage and processing by them is subject to their privacy policy.

By submitting your payment details you consent to your personal data being submitted to Eazipay Ltd for this purpose. 

Account Cancellation, Suspension or Termination

Service Providers may cancel the Lead Generation Service without notice. In the event of cancellation by the Service Provider, any unpaid Fees arising for the use of the Service become immediately due.

AZAB Ltd reserves the absolute right to cancel or suspend a Service Provider account without notice and for any reason. In the event of such cancellation or suspension it is entirely at the discretion of AZAB Ltd whether to disclose the reasons to the Service Provider.


The website contains a directory of surveyors. The Directory is available to Service Providers who are actively participating with the Service. 

Service Providers using the Lead Generation Service are entitled to a free entry in the directory whilst they are actively using the Lead Generation Service. Service Providers that disable all services and or postcode coverage are not considered to be actively using the service and their listing may be disabled or converted to an annual subscription at the sole discretion of AZAB Ltd.

The Service Provider warrants that all Service Providers Information provided for inclusion in the Directory is correct, is not misleading, does not misrepresent the Service Provider in any way, and is inoffensive, legal and not defamatory about any other Service Provider, Prospective Client or any third party.

Service Providers are entirely responsible for the accuracy of the Directory information, and AZAB Ltd accepts no responsibility for any inaccuracies in the information displayed.

Ratings and Review

The directory contains a rating and review system where site visitors may rate Service Providers and add reviews of their services. Service Providers are free to encourage clients to add reviews and refer other prospective clients to their directory listing.

The rating and review system is moderated by AZAB Ltd. Reviews are intended to accurately reflect client experience of the Service Provider and AZAB Ltd will not suppress reviews unless there is clear evidence of inaccuracy or a dishonest submission.

If a Service Provider considers that a review is inaccurate or unfair it may request removal, modification or a right to respond, but the decision as to whether any review will be considered, or the review subsequently be amended or removed remains entirely at the discretion of AZAB Ltd.

General Restrictions


All artwork, pictures, products, content, designs, text, images and website code shown or otherwise used in the Website is protected by copyright. No part of this website may be reproduced either in part or full without the explicit written permission of the relevant copyright owners.

By using the Service, a Service Provider grants a wholly unrestricted license to use and display on the Website any copyright or trademarked material owned by the Service Provider during the provision of the Service.

The Service Provider warrants that it is entitled to use any text, images, logos, or any other materials used in the promotion of its services through the Website, and fully indemnifies AZAB Ltd for any breach of copyright, trademark or breach any other intellectual property, intended or otherwise, on any material used by the Service Provider on the Website.


The Service is provided “as is” and AZAB Ltd provides no warranty in relation to the uninterrupted continuity of the Service.

Force majeure

AZAB Ltd shall have no liability to Service Providers for any failure to deliver the Service caused by any event or circumstance beyond AZAB Ltd's reasonable control.

Invalidity of Terms and Condition

If for any reason part of these terms and conditions is unenforceable, the validity of the remaining terms and conditions shall not be affected.

Governing Law

These Terms and Conditions shall be interpreted according to the laws of England and in the event of dispute all parties agree to submit irrevocably to the jurisdiction of the English courts.

Last updated 1st January 2020

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We were almost immediately contacted by two surveyor companies, and we had given instructions to do the work within 4 days of raising the enquiry on your site.

Posted 11 hours ago


I appreciate the advice that Wayne Norcliffe at Castle Surveyors provided. It was very helpful.

Posted 20 hours ago


Very good service, I had what I needed arranged within a few minutes, with the survey completed 2 days later.

Posted 2 days ago


Very good and prompt service, that provides a comprehensive list of available surveyors, who will respond promptly. Definitely worth using as surveyor fees vary widely!

Posted 3 days ago


A good choice of surveyors

Posted 4 days ago


Very easy to use. Allowed us to pick the right surveyor for our needs at the best price.

Posted 6 days ago


Was struggling to find a local RCS through normal channels before coming across Local Building Surveyors, popped in our requirements & was linked immediately with a Surveyor who was able to offer a date which aligned fully with our property purchase plans.

Posted 6 days ago


Swift reply and good price. We used John Endersby from Ajenda TDD for a Homebuyers Report. We are so glad we did. Right from the start, John was prompt, communicated well and was very efficient. We met on site to discuss a couple of areas we wanted him to look at, then left him to it. Within hours, we got a highly detailed email giving an overview of the house and a list of minor points. Far more than the telephone call we had expected. The written report followed, highly detailed, packed with photos. Provided advice and suggestions. A really professional job from someone with many years of experience. I would highly recommend him.

Posted 1 week ago


Very efficient and courteous service I could recommend to anyone

Posted 1 week ago


Very useful. Got in touch straight away and the survey was organised swiftly and hassle free.

Posted 1 week ago


Christopher from Hartree was brilliant. Thorough, reliable with great clear and easy to understand communication. Highly recommend.

Posted 1 week ago


Good website - threw up five local RICS-qualified surveyors; three contacted me and I chose one who came a couple of days later and performed the valuation I needed, writing a clear report.

Posted 1 week ago


excellent detail

Posted 1 week ago


Help to find a good surveyor who carried out an excellent job

Posted 1 week ago


Website was easy to navigate.

Posted 2 weeks ago


Andrew was forthright, honest and true to his word. He gave us an excellent and thorough report on an old house and gave us the confidence we needed. A very capable gentlemen who went above and beyond at every step, including recommending excellent craftsman to continue the onward works. I could not recommend enough. I have worked in the mortgage and surveying industry for nay on twenty years and to date, I have not seen such value for money or professionalism. I hope you don't retire before we move again Andrew!

Posted 2 weeks ago


Very good service the information saved us from losing a lot of money . Totally recommend getting survey done especially on old property, thank you for your help .

Posted 2 weeks ago


Quick and easy

Posted 3 weeks ago


Great communication, everything happened on time.

Posted 3 weeks ago


Survey arranged fairly promptly & report received 6 days after survey. It was obvious on reading the report it consisted of computer generated generic paragraphs & phrases strung together. Very little input from the surveyor as information that could easily have been obtained from the owner was not included. Our suspicions were confirmed when at the end the report was dated 28 September 2016 having actually been completed on 18 May 2021.

Posted 3 weeks ago


Got me just the right surveyor for the job. Delighted!

Posted 3 weeks ago

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